Do I need spectacles if I wear contact lenses?

Absolutely YES!……..The key to successful contact lens wear is to incorporate rest days without them. This is particularly important at the first signs of discomfort, blurring of vision or early signs of infection. Examples include: itchy eyes due to hay fever, if you have a head cold, sinus infection or flu, signs of conjunctivitis or if you are taking a course of medication not compatible with contact lens wear.

What we recommend…

It is recommended that contact lenses are not worn while flying, and definitely not when sleeping on a plane. This is why no contact lens wearer should be without a pair of spectacles.

All too often contact lens wearers have omitted to update their spectacles to the current prescription or modern styling, resulting in a pair of spectacles that are not worn due to poor vision and cosmesis. Ensure that your spectacles are comfortable, provide equivalent vision to your contact lenses and are aesthetically pleasing.

Look good, feel good and see well!

Is it possible to get contact lenses for occasional use only?

Yes. Many spectacle wearers are happy using their glasses but want the option of contact lenses for certain occasions, eg. Playing sports and holiday breaks.

At Masons Avenue, our Optometrists will advise you of the best contact lens system to meet your requirements. Generally, daily disposable soft contact lenses are the most convenient when travelling.

How soon can I get contact lenses?

At Masons Avenue Opticians, our extensive range of trial lenses allows us to fit and supply you with suitable lenses to commence wear on the same day. If you are new to contact lenses, a practical handling session will be provided to ensure that you are able to insert, remove and take care of your lenses before commencing wear.

Our trained members of staff are very patient and will spend several sessions with you if necessary, so you do not feel pressured and can take your time as you enter the new world of contact lenses.

Is it OK to sleep in my contact lenses?

Unless our Contact Lens fitter has specifically said that your contact lenses are suitable for regular overnight wear, the answer is NO. Several designs are suitable for occasional overnight wear, but check with your Optometrist first.

Can I wear contact lenses?

Yes – in most cases you will be able to use contact lenses. Certain individuals with unusual prescriptions or poor health may not be suitable.