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If you are just visiting or a local looking for Contact Lenses in London, then Hodd Barnes & Dickins carry stock of some of the Worlds major brands in Contact Lenses.

Enjoy the freedom of contact lenses – taking a walk in the rain, playing sport and not being distracted by your glasses or simply having a break from the pressure and discomfort of spectacles in the summer months. With the addition of a cool pair of sunglasses, you can change your image every year!

Our Optometrists are experienced in fitting all types of contact lens – gas permeable or soft – standard designs, designs to correct astigmatism and bifocal designs.

We carry a large stock of 1 day disposable lenses at both our Practices and carry fitting stock for 2 weekly, monthly and extended wear for those who prefer to wear their lenses more regularly.

Contact Lenses in London:

Being one of the largest contact lens suppliers in London, we have access to all the major brands and are able to offer trial fittings of the latest designs as soon as they are available.

Specialist hand-made designs are undertaken using our Corneal Topographer, which captures and processes a 3 dimensional image of the cornea that is analysed by the laboratory to produce the perfect fitting contact lens on a computer controlled lathe.

1 day wearers can benefit from purchasing their contact lenses direct from our stock – no minimum quantity is required – discounts are available for those preferring to buy in bulk. Regular wearers who prefer to spread out their payments can take advantage of our standing order service.

Contact lens technology has advanced rapidly in the past few years – so if you are a person who has had a break from lenses, or a person who would like to explore this form of visual correction – why not contact us and arrange a trial appointment where we can fill you in on the various options available.

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