What is the legal vision requirement for driving?

You must be able to read a standard number plate on a motor vehicle, in good light, from a distance of 20.5 metres (67 feet). The minimum field of vision for safe driving is defined as 120 degrees wide and 20 degrees both above and below the horizontal. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that these requirements are met and to inform the DVLA if they are in doubt. Regular eye examinations are therefore recommended.

Which frames are best for driving?

You should choose a style that does not restrict your field of vision eg. Frames with thin rims or rimless, combined with sides fitted to the frame above eye level.

Which lenses are best for driving?

Plastic lenses are recommended, as they are lighter and safer should you be involved in an accident. Anti-reflection coated lenses reduce glare and reflections from oncoming lights, especially car headlights at night.

Are tinted lenses suitable for driving?

Tinted lenses are suitable for daytime driving under normal weather conditions. However, it is not recommended that they be used either at night, or in poor driving conditions.