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Hearing Test London. Hodd Barnes & Dickins at Masons Avenue are proud to announce a partnership with Hearing Choice. Hearing Choice is an independent hearing assessment company to bring you a new unique hearing test London. Together we provide an excellent service, therefore more thorough than you find elsewhere. The first meeting can take up to two hours. We will discuss the history of your hearing, together with situations where you struggle, and how we address them.

We perform a standard Pure Tone Audiometry hearing test, in brief, produces an audiogram, a graph of your hearing. The audiologist will discuss the results with you in detail, thereby explaining at which frequencies your hearing is affected. We can then move on to discuss the alternatives available to you, such as offering guidance on the best solutions possible. Generally, an Unlimited number of hearing assessments will be carried out by the audiologist to ensure the best outcome for you.

Hearing Test for Children

If you are concerned about your children’s hearing, we recommend that you book an appointment with your doctor.  From there they will refer you to a specialist paediatric hearing centre, who carry out hearing test for children.

Hearing Choice

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Hearing Choice is an Independent Hearing Clinic likewise sharing the same ethos as Hodd Barnes & Dickins. Making sure they can offer every hearing device available on the market. This approach ensures the maximum choice of products, thus the best possible outcome for you. A recent report conducted by Which, on UK hearing care recommended Independent Hearing Clinics in comparison to high street hearing shops.

High street hearing shops are owned or influenced by hearing aid manufacturers. Therefore, they have a vested interest in fitting a particular brand of hearing aid. In short, their advice will vary depending on their ownership. Hearing Choice offers independent professional advice based purely on what is best for each client.

Hearing Choice provides a bespoke audiology service where time is never an issue, therefore, no stone is left unturned in the quest for better hearing. We would never recommend doing a free hearing test online.

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