bottom discount on spectacle purchases

discount on contact lens purchases

discount on sunglass purchases

Welcome to our Loyalty, Partner Card Scheme. The Scheme is designed as a thank you to our patients who have supported us in our aim to be best Independent Optician in London. The Scheme entitles you to a range of discounts and benefits that include….. 

We aim to be even more competitive with our pricing on all contact lens, prescription spectacle and all sunglass purchases.

£9 Per Month

For as little as £9 per month you will receive the following benefits.

Teal Card

For £9 a month you will receive the Teal Partner Card

  • 30%  off  all Contact Lens purchases 
  • 15% off all Spectacle purchases
  • 20% off  Sunglass purchases
  • A free Spectacle/Contact Lens appointment
  • New product information and early bird launch invitations

£15 Per Month

For as little as £15 per month you will receive the following benefits.

Black Card

For £15 per month you will receive the Black Partner Card

  • 30% off all Contact Lens purchases
  • 20% off all Spectacle purchases
  • 25% off all Sunglass purchases
  • OCT Scan (worth £30) included with a Spectacle/Contact Lens appointment & a follow up appointment
  • Priority appointments bookings
  • New product information and early bird launch invitations


View answers to some of our frequently asked questions on the back off this card.

Who is the Partner Scheme For?The scheme is designed to benefit anyone who relies or their spectacles orcontact lenses or if you have complex eye issues.Why are there two examinations included in the scheme?With the scheme you can benefit from expert advice through-out the year andknow that if there are any issues you will be covered. This is especially important with contact lens wearers who may need aftercare appointments.Can I use the scheme if I qualify for NHS or Company Corporate voucher help?You will still retain any benefits and entitlements you have in place. The value of the benefit can be put towards the Scheme fee or towards the item cost.Do I have to purchase new spectacles/contact lenses every year?There is no obligation to purchase anything specific, however many of our patients will find the 30% discount on contact lenses with the spectacle discount, makesthings much more affordable.Do I have to spend a minimum amount?There is no minimum amount to spend and the scheme allows the chance forthat special second pair choice on spectacles or to try contact lenses for the first time…What are the benefits?When you become part of the Partner Card Scheme you will be entitled to the following:• 30% Discount off RRP with contact lens purchases
• Up to 20% discount on spectacle prescription orders as often as you like*• Up to 25% discount off RRP with sunglass purchases*
• Standard Eye examinations and Contact lens Examination included• Exclusive access to pre-booked appointments** The teal card and black card offer different levels of benefit. Please ask instore for details.

Terms & Conditions

View our Loyalty Card Scheme Terms & Conditions on the back of this card.

This is an Annual scheme that will be renewed after 12 months from the time the agreement is signed.An application form and standing order contract will be required. Scheme cancellation can be actioned 4 weeks after written notification.Any previous non scheme fee payments already made prior to joining can be used as part payment and balance will be left chargeable.The fee element will be taken monthly and contact lenses can be pre-ordered on a ship to home basis at any interval chosen. Cost for Post in reduced to a flat rate of £5.00.Discounts are not limited to prescription only purchases. This scheme is only for use at “City Practice-Masons Ave”.The Partner card is £9.00 per month (teal card) or £15.00 per month (black card) payable bystanding order.30% discount off the rrp price of contact lenses
15% (teal card) or 20% (black card) discount off prescription spectacle orders20% (teal card) or 25% (black card) discount will be given off any sunglass purchase.Contact lenses can be added as a bolt on to the standing order as can prescription spectacle purchases (min order values apply).The scheme will include two Eye Examinations a year and cannot be exchanged for goods or cash. NHS eye examinations are not affected by the scheme and the cash value can be calculated and used towards the balance.Payment Holidays can be organised. Just ask instore or contact us atreception@hoddbarnesdickins.comMissed payments. Payments will be requested with notification being sent 7 days prior to the payment. If payments are missed we will be unable to fulfil any orders until the account is brought up to date. We will contact you to arrange payment of the balance and can adjust any delivery or orders to suit once payment has cleared. If we cannot collect payment for three consecutive months your scheme membership will be cancelled.Please contact us to keep us updated of any changes to your personal details or if you feel there are any errors with your payments.Scheme members must produce their Partner card when requested for authorised use.The card and discounts are not transferable.

Next Steps…

For an application form please contact the practice on 020 7600 9861 or click on apply.